Basic Stickfighting techniques. All moves are done slowly for safety reasons. In reality, you would strike very aggressively and rapidly. The combo section will detail how fast you need to go. You only need to learn to deal with 5 angles of attacks. 80% of attacks come from the top right side or right side. Master countering that direction and you will be in a good position. Then master the left side attacks. Just do the same move over and over. Practice it 1000 times.

All you need to be is faster than the guy behind you. What that philosophy means is that you do not have to train to become a professional fighter, you just need to train to become BETTER than the average guy. You just need to be above average. Which is why practicing the same moves over and over is far more beneficial than training for 10 years. When it all goes upside down, chances of you meeting a black belt in Karate is extremely slim. You just need to know and fight better than average.

Credits to Instructor