Patrick is the founder of PHPAgency a financial company, with a personal net worth of over $70 Million US Dollars. These are his videos from Valuetainment The #1 YouTube Channel for Entrepreneurs.

As a student of Patrick for over 2+ years, I am sharing his lessons in my blog to help young aspiring entrepreneurs (many of whom are my clients) in their entrepreneurial journey.

These lessons will help you to think, grow and succeed.

How to Really Become a Millionaire
11 Skills that Millionaires Master
How to Make a Million Dollar Income

Bonus Lesson:

Ten Enemies of Success

If you watched all the videos, then pat your self in the back, because most people wouldn’t.

Now in this heat, I want you guys to write down the lessons you learned from these videos in the comment section so that it encourages others to watch and grow, and it will also help you to crystallize the lessons.

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