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Arudha Lagna is the seat of Maya.  The houses from the ascendant or lagna shows the karma that we have to go through in life but the houses from the Arudha Lagna can show how we react to them. Placement of planets from the Arudha Lagna will show us the manifested reality of these influences.

Arudha Lagna shows the manifested reality around us. More often the placements of planets from the Arudha Lagna have a stronger say on our lives. It cannot be ignored while analyzing a chart. 

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Videos on Arudha Lagna

More Insights:

The position of Surya (sun) from the Arudha Lagna is extremely crucial to understand the source of resources available to us.  If Surya is in 2nd house from Arudha lagna, the family will be a big resource. If Surya is in 6th from Arudha Lagna, employees/servants will be a big resource.

From Archana Patchirajan, Cosmic Insights:

Here are some tips to interpret Arudha lagna and placements of planets from it!

  1. 11th from Lagna Pada occupied or aspected by a planet, it bestows wealth. If the planet is benefic then wealth comes through virtuous means, if not by questionable mean.
  2. Jupiter, Venus, or Mercury placed in the 7th or 2nd from Arudha Lagna bestows wealth.
  3. Exalted planets in the 7th or 2nd from Arudha Lagna makes the person famous and popular.
  4. The person spends a lot of money if the 12th from Arudha Lagna has one or more planets or is aspected by 1 or more planets.
  5. If the Moon, Venus, or Jupiter is placed in the 2nd house from Arudha Lagna the person becomes rich.
  6. Rahu in the 7th or 12th from Arudha Lagna makes the person very spiritual.
  7. Mercury in Arudha Lagna bestows power to the person, Jupiter in Arudha Lagna shows someone who is extremely knowledgeable and Venus in Arudha Lagna brings poetic abilities.
  8. If the Arudha Pada of the 7th house is located in Kendras (1, 4, 7, 10) from lagna or in trines (1.5, 9) form the lagna the person becomes wealthy.
  9. If Arudha Lagna and the Arudha of the 7th house (A7) are in Kona or Kendra there will be friendship between the couple, if they are in Dushthana (6, 8, 12) the relationship could suffer.

You can study the Arudha Lagna chart similar to how you would study your Rashi chart and you will be surprised to see how much of this Arudha Lagna chart manifests in your day to day life! Arudha will manifest destiny driven effects similar to Karakamsha. Check the placement of planets from Arudha Lagna and see which planets get digbala from AL.

I never understood the concept of Arudha Lagna fully until I read Zoran’s books! He explained it so beautifully.

From Lagna we can see our activity, attitude and decisions from Arudha Lagna we can see the effects coming from outside, external factors.

The karaka of Arudha Lagna is Chandra

So as a first step check the placement of Arudha Lagna from the placement of Chandra when you begin your analysis.

Chandra in 3rd/8th from AL

Not a good place for Chandra. It creates tough situations in life, which part of life will create these situations will depend on the position of Chandra from the Lagna chart and the house it rules. 

Chandra in Arudha lagna/7th from Arudha Lagna

Chandra in AL brings a lot of material prosperity but does not favor peace and happiness in family life. Because the 12th from AL becomes the 12th from Chandra which brings unwanted loss and suffering. 

Chandra in 7th is a good placement in itself but the 2nd from AL becomes 8th from Chandra  which causes some issues with finances and professional life. And the 6th from AL becomes 12th from Chandra which may again cause issues with family life. 

7th from Chandra which shows desires falls on the AL which may make these people self-obsessed. 

Chandra in 12th from AL

Can be good for career but not for family life and domestic happiness. 12th from AL indicates losses and separation.

2nd from Chandra becomes the AL which is good for finance. The 10th from Chandra ruling Kubera and wealth becomes the 9th from AL which brings lots of luck in terms of finance and prosperity. 12th from Chandra which represents family life will fall in the 11th from AL which may show someone who is only interested in gains from family. 

Chandra in 2nd from AL

This position may be good for family life and happiness but may turn out to be problematic for finances. 

Chandra in 4th from AL

This position of Chandra is a blessing. Brings immense physical and mental strength and purity. This person will make the person a healer and help or serve people around them. This is because Chandra in 4th from AL gains digpala or directional strength.

Chandra in 10th from AL

This placement will make the person do good deeds and good karma. This also brings lots of fortune in both family and profession. Provided Chandra is well placed in rashi chart and rules good houses. 

10th house from AL shows which karma we have to do an how much fame and respect we gain. 

Chandra in 6th from AL

Chandra in 6th from AL may give problems with health, trouble from enemies, debts etc. 

Chandra in 11th from AL

Chandra in 11th from AL may create problems with financial stability but would give a great family life and support from people around them. This is because the 2nd from chandra would be the 12th house from AL and the 12th from chandra would be the 10th house from AL. Planets in 11th from AL influence the wealth of a person.

Chandra in 5th/9th from AL

If chandra is in trines to AL it gives abundance of luck an prosperity given it is not afflicted by any malefic conjunctions. 

Jata Graha and the Purpose of Life [ uses AL]

Jata Graha is a planet that can help us pinpoint the cause of our creation. It can give clues to the reason why we were born. We must study this graha along with the Atma Karaka.

How to calculate the Jata Graha

  1. Mark the signs that are in Kendra (1, 4, 7, 10) from the Moon
  2. Mark the signs that are in trines (1, 5, 9) from the Arudha Lagna.
  3. Now find the sign that is common between steps 1 and 2.

Read more here on Jata Graha

6th House from Arudha Lagna – Real Enemies and Inherent Weaknesses

The sixth house from Arudha Lagna shows the real enemies and our inherent weakness.

Malefic planet in this house blocks our spiritual growth but it is great for material successes. Example – Rahu here shows our capability to manipulate situations and people around us to get what we want. Shani placed here creates fear and out of that fear we strive to get to the top. Surya would inspire us to prove our worth and work hard to achieve fame and other material prosperity. Mangal will use anger and fighting to find its way towards material achievement and prosperity.

If the malefic planets are weak we will be given opportunities to let go of the evil tendencies and grow spiritually.

Benefic planets in the 6th house will show us what we need to grow on the spiritual path. Guru shows the need for knowledge and wisdom, Shukra shows that we need purity, Chandra shows the need for unconditional love and care towards others, Buddha (Mercury) shows that we need to avoid arrogance and violence at any cost.

Tip – Use the Cosmic Insights app to check the 6th house from your Arudha Lagna and see if you have any planets there and use the interpretation technique given above to figure out how that planet is operating on your chart.

Let me know your thoughts and insights down below in the comments, also things you want me to add in this post. All rights reserved to the creators.

When I get new insights I will update them here. Good Day!