What can go wrong will go wrong! The only way you can beat the odds (in anything) is by preparation – more so in Business and Marketing.

Clients often come with the wrong mindset that one campaign or action will magically make them millions or 1000s of sales. This is very true for budding entrepreneurs and small business owners.

And, It does only take one successful campaign to get that home run or podium, but there are many steps that come before it. Today, we will cover those steps.

When a customer buys from you – especially something that is the mid-level price range, not too cheap product. These are the things that will run in their conscious and subconscious minds.

  • Do I trust the product/service?
  • Do I trust this person selling me this product or service?
  • Do I trust the company behind this person?

Product: will this product do what it says, produce the desired outcome or the result that I want.
Internal: can I use it to its full potential? Will it take away my time? Is there a big learning curve?
External: What will others (friends, family, outsiders) think about me using/having this product or service?

Is this person trustworthy? Or, is he trying to get a quick buck out of me?
Is this person conveying the truth?
Subconscious level: He is so confident in his speech. He really believes in his product or service. Body language communication…

Is this a trustworthy company? Does it provide good customer support, warranty, guarantee, replacement, refunds?
Does it have a good track record? customer reviews, testimonials?

If you check-in green for all the three questions, you will sell your product or service. But if there is an ounce of doubt or lack of clarity from your side, or from client-side, the customer side, the deal will not go through and you will not get your sales.

Okay, so what do these have to do with preparation?

Well, if you run an ad campaign or go door to door, or do any type of marketing or sales…if you DO NOT HAVE THESE COVERED your results will be TERRIBLE.

And you have to know, some of these take time, and a lot of follow-ups.

Business is about building relationships and having things straight – direct.

There is plenty of competition today and if you look at your customers as just numbers, you will leave a lot of money in the table, long term.

The level of data a customer has at their disposal is huge. They are only a google search away from knowing your entire history, who you stand for, religious beliefs, political beliefs, past customer feedback/experience and so much more.

It is vital to be transparent in today’s world and have all the bases covered.

This is also why you must use all top social media platforms. Some people argue with me that certain social media is of no use to their business – but that is not why we use them.

Domain Authority is high for Facebook, YouTube, Google My Business, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and so forth… by using these platforms we will rank higher in search results with our brand name.

I was speaking with a prospect earlier and they quoted a company name – when I googled them, I found 5 – 6 different companies under the same effing name. I have no idea who my prospect was referring too. If I have no idea who they were referring to, imagine a prospect googling your brand name.

If you type in my name or our brand names – we will dominate those search results, and you should too.

In Summary

Before you launch your Next Big Marketing or Sales Campaign, have these bases covered:

  • Make sure your product/service actually delivers what it advertises.
  • Demonstrate how your product or service can benefit your customers, and the benefits they will receive by using your product/service – Benefits & Benefits of Benefits.
  • Create content (video, audio, written) on internal and external reasons (objections) a prospect might have about choosing your product or service.
  • Show Past Reviews / Testimonials – how it worked for your existing customers; if you don’t have customers yet, then show industry standard results. Remember: the proof is always in the pudding.
  • Develop gravitas, confidence, body language in presentations – read on these subjects, learn more.
  • Create content (visual, audio, written) on your customer’s needs and pain-points.
  • Use all Social Media Platforms with your brand name.

There is obviously more to this, but these are the essentials that will help you get more customers. Once you got these essentials covered, your marketing or sales campaign will have higher chances for conversion.

Pro Tip: Share the content you create as a follow-up.

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